You’ll find more resources to continue exploring history in our show notes for each episode.


Ep 1: The Everett Klippert Case

Ep 2: Home Across The River

Ep 3: Institutionalized to Inclusion

Ep 4: How Music Connects You to Ancestry: An Interview with Melody Hamilton Blondel

Ep 5: Shaking The Foundations: The Lyle Emerson Talbot Story

Ep 6: Mohawk Ironworkers

Special Re-release: Escaping Vacation (Cataract Hotel)

Ep 7: Diwali – Festival of Lights

Ep 8: Halloween – History, Mystery & More

Ep 9 – Special 2 PART Episode: The Canadian Jewish Experience

Ep 10: Canadian War Brides (minisode)

Ep 11: The Haunting Tradition of Christmas Ghost Stories (with dramatic reading of The Goblin Who Stole a Sexton by Charles Dickens)

Ep 12: Toby’s Law

Ep 13: In Conversation (Video & Podcast)

Ep 14: Decolonizing Museums


NOTE: Season 1 Episodes will slowly be re-released

Ep 1. Introduction (no show notes)

Ep 2. 1920s Revisited

Ep 3. Escaping Vacation – NOW Re-Released!

Ep 4. Success & Sacrifice on the Rideau Canal

Ep 5. History at a Crossroad

Ep 6. The Abbotts: A Canadian Story

Ep 7. The Witch of Plum Hollow

Ep 8. Superstitions, Mountain Mysteries and Ghostly Tales

Ep 9. (Mini Episode) Making Space for People & Stories that Inspire: The John Baker Memorial Project

Ep 10 & 11 (Two-Part Episode): Friendly Neighbour to Enemy Alien: The Japanese Canadian Experience

Ep 12. Last of the Code Talkers

Ep 13. Happy Holidays

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